Me and my beautiful wife, Ali

Hello, my name is Alex! I'm a developer and UX designer in Saint Louis. I live in South City with my wife, Ali, and our dog, Harry. When I'm not behind my desk, I'm probably hiking, enjoying a local brewery, doing some below-average woodworking, or running!

The story on my path to UX is an interesting one. In college, I was an unhappy Computer Science major until my junior year when I took a web design class as an elective. I fell in love with designing for the web. It was a creative outlet that I had never really had before. I was far enough in my major that completely switching paths didn't seem feasible, so instead I shifted to Computer Information Systems. This is basically the business side of CS which taught me a lot about agile project management and gave me more electives to take a few more web design classes.

On top of that, I worked as an intern through my senior year at a small marketing company in Maplewood. I wore a lot of hats there, but it was there where I began making websites in WordPress. I enjoyed the flexibility of WordPress and how something incredibly complex could be packaged into something much easier to understand and manage for a client.

When I graduated in December of 2014, I began working for Obata as an interactive developer. The projects now increased in scope when compared to my intern days. I learned to work in a few different CMS's other than WordPress when it wasn't a good fit.

At Obata, I serve as a liaison between design and development, jumping into Adobe XD when we find a design challenge. I'll also help conduct UX research, prototype (either in Adobe XD or with HTML/CSS/JS), and ensure our decisions are user friendly in every stage of a project.